Live life in Greece

There are many reasons for using a property search agent but the most likely is a lack of time to search the market yourself.

Julia and Petros live in the Cyclades and with the use of both languages, local knowledge and facilities (office, off-road vehicles, motor home and donkey) they can explore and enquire in the outmost reaches of these beautiful islands.

Island by island some of our time is spent viewing properties that are in the hands of local estate agents and developers, but more attention is given to the more unconventional sources, for example identifying a stunning plot of land or a magnificent renovation project and investigating locally until the owner is found.

You can then relax in your home and view videos, pictures and honest descriptions (and a list of pro’s and con’s) that fit within the guidelines you have supplied before viewing your chosen short list. Greek Island Property Finders (GIPF) are unusual in that they have absolutely no ties with specific builders or developers, it is unheard of to find a search agency in the Aegean, but it makes sense.

  • Apoikia, Andros

    The Aunts house
  • Kato Patatoulis, Andros

    The Bat house 1
    The Bat house 2
  • Ano Stivari, Andros

    Aegean View 1
    Aegean View 2
  • Ano Apoikia, Andros

    Sunrise View 1
    Sunrise View 2
  • Piso Lamira, Andros

    The old Chimney